Sarracenia flava

Sarracenia flava

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Early Phyllodia and Aborted flowers

Phyllodia are non-carnivorous leaves produced by Sarracenia when a plant is under a significant amount of stress and in the winter.  And it has been quite a stressful spring. At least 4 tornado watches, a day where the temperature went from 98 to 60, flooding in the bog, other plants dying of fungus infection, and searing heat.  Well all those terrible conditions have done a beating on the plants. I can distinctly see how weather has taken its toll. 50% are producing early phyllodia and I have no idea what will happen to them (it looks like there are no new leaves in the near future.) Enjoy some pictures of distraught plants...
A semi-phyllodia on S. leucophylla

Some plants haven't even produced a working pitcher yet
The second part of this post is of course aborted flowers.  I'm not talking about flowers that I chose to kill, I'm talking about flowers that never happened. Sarracenia rubra is the plant in mind. In an earlier post I mentioned that only the rubra was left to flower, well it still hasn't, but it looks like it will. So that's where we are. Oh and to add on to the madness, some of the Dionaea flowers also killed themselves off with the heat, so I guess I didn't need to cut off the ones that I did. 
So the buds kinda look the same as when they first came up...

A seared off bud on a Dionaea plant

Well I hope everyone else has better growth conditions than I, so I bid you good growing!


  1. I posted on FB a couple days back my first pitcher plant. I just got a nursery gift card.... So am going to see what else they may have!!