Sarracenia flava

Sarracenia flava

Monday, May 30, 2011

Of Tornadoes, Open Pitchers, Flowers, and New Plants

Today is the first day in three days that we haven't had a huge storm system come through our area.  It seems that every day now a severe thunderstorm alert or a tornado watch pops up onto my T.V. screen.  Unfortunately the weather has done a small toll on the bog. A couple of newly opened S. oreophila 'Sand Mountain' were knocked down in the storms after they filled with water. The bog also flooded a bit and buried a small venus fly trap and a D. intermedia, gladly they'll survive.
A partially buried Venus flytrap

On a happier note, the first pitcher in my bog opened about a week ago, a Sarracenia oreophila 'Sand Mountain' (the same one that toppled in the storm). It looks like another week or so before any other of my plants will open up. Gladly though, my venus flytraps from an earlier post just opened their first traps of the season and are sending up flower buds (I know this is controversial, I'll post about it later). 

The first opened pitcher in the bog, Sarracenia oreophila 'Sand Mountain'

A newly opened Venus flytrap trap with a small bud visible in the center 
  Flowers are also starting to open up! An S. flava bud is being, lets call it "reluctant." It's about to open up, but it still hasn't turned over yet.  I had to stake it up for fear that its own sheer weight would brake the stem. I'll see how that works out, it doesn't really look too good.  Anyway one other plant, and unknown Sarr. hybrid opened up completely and marks the first opening of a flower. Sadly though it's not in my bog and is being sold off to a friend, with part of the proceeds going to the ICPS.

A reluctant S. flava bud
The first Sarracenia flower 
I doubled the amount of plants in my bog with random hybrids from California Carnivores, from the NASC auction, and from a trade at I also got some new plants from Meadowview Biological Station in Virginia and I can't wait to see how they'll look with pitchers (they cut them off to ship them). Check out the growlist to see what I got.

Happy Memorial Day!
A huge Darlingtonia pitcher, can't wait to see it puffed up

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