Sarracenia flava

Sarracenia flava

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Arrives!

It seems that spring here has finally arrived, the weather forecast predicts no more freezing temperatures as the low for the rest of the year. With this comes the spring cleanup and opening up of my bog.  As I explained earlier, my bog is not mulched, but a simple pond heater does the job of keeping the bog warm in the winter. About two weeks ago I unplugged the heater and now the time approaches where I can take the cover on. After speaking with Jacob Farin of Sarracenia Northwest, I have decided that I will take the cover off during the day and put it on at night, that way frost doesn't do too much damage to the plants.  I can also see changes in the greenhouse, as the plants are producing more pitchers and there is more dew on the sundews.

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